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Ending Police Brutality

In 2020 alone, the police had already killed 751 people as of late August. Police officers are running rampant in the streets, being held with no accountability. This has gone on for long enough, it is time to finally put an end to the Police Brutality this country faces day in and day out. It is reckless and inhumane and something needs to be done. To drive this cause, we work with charities:

Safety Beyond Policing - An Organization that focuses on the reallocation of tax dollars to not only defund the police, but spend those funds on community efforts that are meant to build up individuals rather than punish them by providing counseling, job opportunities, and professional development training.

Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) - Focusing on families affected by those killed by police violence. MAPB allows families to speak about their experiences with police brutality to bring awareness to the issue, using funding towards legal efforts to convict police officers who have killed citizens. 

The Anti Police Terror Project (APTP)A group led by Black organizers that want to eliminate police brutality in communities of color. They provide direct support to families and communities who are dealing with police brutality and connect them with resources including legal representation and counseling