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Fighting Extreme Poverty

746 million people live in extreme poverty, consuming less than $1.90/day adjusted for costs of living. The world's median income is $2,920, meaning half of the world lives on less than this for the entire year. Around 14,500 children under the age of 5 die each day, "more than half" of these deaths are preventable. Caused by insufficient nutrition, lack of clean water, malaria, dysentery and neonatal infections these people and children are born with the odds against them. Because of this we work with Non-Profit Organizations such as End Poverty Now (EPN) and Give Directly, to directly combat the fight against extreme poverty. These companies allow us to provide cash transfers to some of the world's poorest in Kenya/Uganda, and advocate for needy and politically under-represented people across the world. By doing so we are able to help alleviate poverty globally, with a main goal of supporting communities in need, funding sustainable community initiatives and educating and raising awareness for economic and social issues related to poverty.