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4 The People Initiative

    Welcome to the 4 The People Initiative, where we believe in taking the first step to change the world. In a time like today, with the abundance of resources humanity possesses, there is no reason that the less fortunate should be left behind to suffer. This is what led us to create the 4 The People Initiative. A foundation designed with helping others in mind. We take proceeds from every sale, and make sure they are going back to local and community led charities, this way we are able to directly provide a positive impact for the ones who need it most. Some of the causes we focus on are:
  • Cleaning The Oceans
  • Protecting Our Natural Resources
  • Helping to Fight Malaria/Worms Disease
  • Ending World Hunger
  • Fighting Extreme Poverty
  • Ending Police Brutality

We selected these causes because we feel they are the most important at a time like now. We've done the research, and we are ready to make a difference. To help make your own impact, find and purchase any times from our store that you like, and after checking out, fill out the survey to let us know which cause you would like your order to benefit. Don't see a cause that you feel passionate about? Feel free to email us at:

Let's make this world a better place, together.